Thursday, 17 July 2014

Patron Of Reading at Fulbrdge Academy!

After my recent trip to Canvey Island, I was asked to visit Fulbridge Academy in Peterborough where, I am proud to announce, I have been asked to be their PATRON OF READING. What a wonderful honour!

We had a day of all things piratey, reading extracts from Charlie Small's journal Pirate Galleon, and then designing our own treasure maps. The students displayed some inventively gruesome imaginations when naming the various features on their islands, and we had a number of Blood Rivers; a poisonous swamp; quicksands filled with animated skeletons; Mountains of Doom and Gloom; deep, dark lakes; forests of terror and lots of other horrific sounding places! Unfortunately, I  left my camera at home, so I'm unable to post any of the students BRILLIANT maps. Abject apologies for that . . .

In the classroom next door, my friend the artist Colin Slater was holding another workshop on the pirate theme, and asked his students to create some Pirate Wanted Posters. Colin is such an inspiring communicator, and the results are tremendous. I have posted a number below. Enjoy!


  1. A-ha, Nick lad! A likely looking gallery of rogues - should they be caught do they walk the plank? Henri x

    1. Ooo-er, my very first comment! Thanks Henri. If they be caught, I'll slice 'em open like a ripe peach and dangle their gizzards from the yardarm!