Monday, 25 March 2013

Charlie Small Spotted at Fulbridge School!

-->As keeper of the Charlie Small Journals, I spent a fabulous day at Fulbridge School in Peterborough, on Monday 18th March. I explained just what had happened to Charlie, how all his adventures started and whether he was ever going to get back home. There were lots of volunteers amongst the students to join the crew of a risky rescue expedition and go in search of the lost boy adventurer. Many of the pupils had special skills that could be useful on a dangerous mission, and lots of them were willing to be away for four hundred years, the same amount of time that Charlie has been gone!

Fulbridge School is a wonderful place – welcoming, friendly and creative. The corridors have been expertly decorated with different themes, lending a magical atmosphere to the school. One of the best is the volcanic corridor, pictured below, painted by professional artist Colin Slater. Just a mo! Is that Charlie Small himself, leaping over the streams of molten lava? 

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