Wednesday, 6 February 2013

Alfie Small, The True Adventures Of A Brave Explorer!

As Custodian of The Charlie Small Journals, imagine how delighted I was to discover that his young cousin, Alfie, has been having adventures of his own. They are every bit as exciting as Charlie’s, and they are ALL TRUE!

My job was to sort through the notes and sketches Alfie had hurriedly made on his swash-buckling voyages and turn them into full-colour, easy to read books. I had a huge amount of fun doing it!

Alfie Small is a young explorer who discovers a special place at the bottom of the garden, behind the shed and through the long weeds, that leads him on incredible journeys of excitement and danger. Two of his escapades have just been published, and more are coming in the summer!

In the first book, Pirates And Dragons, Alfie is rescued from the ocean’s depths by a friendly Sea Serpent; he fights a despicable old pirate in hand-to-hand combat and becomes captain of a band of unruly brigands. Here is Captain Bonedust, the terrifying old pirate Alfie encounters on a desert island:

The second book, Ug And The Dinosaurs, sees Alfie attacked by a terrible T. Rex, befriended by a stone-age girl and captured by a tribe of pea-brained ogres.

But, however dangerous or incredible the adventure, Alfie always manages to get back home in time for his tea! Here, Alfie’s hot air balloon is swept inside the grinning mouth of an ogre-shaped cloud that propels him into another, crazy world:

I hope Alfie Small is pleased with how I’ve turned his sketches into full, bone-crunching colour illustrations and, with the help of reading consultant Prue Goodwin, his notes into terrifically exciting stories that are dead easy reads for all young adventurers!

So, keep your eyes peeled for these adventure-filled stories and, if you like the sound of them, why not visit the website of his older cousin Charlie (, who is an eight-year-old boy who has lived for four hundred years. Don’t believe it? I can assure you, everything in his and Alfie’s journals is true!

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